England’s football matches in Russia attracted some of the highest television audiences of the year, for what was a captivating and exhilarating route to the World Cup semi-final for Gareth Southgate’s men. The entire tournament, in fact, has demanded attention with breakout stars, surprising results, silky skills and plenty of football inspiration.

If you have been on the edge of your seat watching the World Cup, then it’s time you for you to get off the couch and join the Goal #FootballRevolution and take your first steps into the world of five-a-side football. One of the most accessible, fun and popular sports in the UK, contact your local Goals centre to find out how you can enjoy some of the immediate health benefits of small-side football.  

At the start of the World Cup, Harry Kane and Jesse Lingard were England’s standouts in Russia, leading the way in both performances and volume of reactions from fans on social media.

As the tournament progressed, other players in the young squad grew into their roles and Kieran Trippier’s performances staked a claim to be player of the tournament.

Here’s what every 5-a-side football player can learn from Kieran Trippier 

Have Fun on the Field

Kieran Trippier’s PE teacher at Woodhey High School in Bury, Lee Garcka, remembers a teenage player who loved to play football and was eager to compete. Eleven years before he would score in a World Cup semi final, a shaven-headed Trippier scored a hat-trick to win the Bury Schools’ Cup final.

He ran from his own half, beating four defenders and slotted the ball into the corner for his first goal and the result stemmed from the future England star’s enthusiasm to play. Take that same spirit with you onto the five-a-side pitch. Compete, put in the energy to support your team-mates, but, most of all, enjoy your football. Heed Paul Gascoigne’s advice to the England squad: “play as if you were 10 years old of age” and  experience the joy of the purest expression of football on the five-a-side pitch.

Practice Makes Perfect

Trippier’s progression to international right back has involved over ten years of progression, moving through the ranks in the youth system at Manchester City, loan periods at Barnsley, a move to Burnley and ultimately winning his starting spot at Spurs. Thousands of hours of football to bring him to the top of his game.

No matter what standard of football you are starting with, you’ll only improve and gain more enjoyment from your game if you persevere. Turn your occasional game into a regular part of your week by joining one of the leagues at Goals. Download our Goals app if you are looking to join a team or if you already have a group of players, speak to someone at your local club to make sure your enthusiasm for football lasts beyond the summer!

Find Your Place in the Team

Not only will football have a positive impact on your all-round fitness, playing regular five-a-side football will put you into a positive team environment. If you follow Kieran Trippier’s example then you will soon be able to develop great communication and understanding with your team-mates, both on the pitch and in the Goals clubhouse after your match.

Choose Your Moments

Kieran Trippier was widely admired for his ability to work hard and be involved at every stage of the game during the World Cup campaign. He’s a great example for how to approach a game of five-a-side football. Be part of your team and put the energy in to get the most out of your time on the pitch. If you happen to get the chance to curl in a perfect pass to set up your team mate or can put a perfect shot beyond the keeper, then take the chance. These are the moments that make five-a-side football such a fantastic team sport to be involved in.

If the World Cup has made you realise you need more football in your life, contact your local Goals football centre today.