Our new monthly feature, the Penalty Shootout Q&A lets you take an inside-look at some of our Goals clubs and the people who keep the sites running so smoothly, with 6 quick-fire questions.

Name: Toni-Louise

Club: Goals Glasgow West


How long have you been part of the Goals team? Official start date 15/07/14 - so an amazing 3 years & 7 months

What was your first football memory? I’m a blue nose Rangers fan. My 1st memory was when it was just after my 7th birthday, and went to my first Rangers game. It was against Dundee United, I was the good luck charm that day and we won 5-1. Had my 1st half time pie also that day!

Who is your footballing hero? Needs to be the famous Walter smith the all-time legend that he is!

What, if you could, in football would you change, if anything? For Scotland to win the World Cup at least once in my life time would be great.

What do you enjoy most about working at Goals? The people at Goals makes it all worthwhile, my #GoalsFamily


What's your ultimate football moment? The famous helicopter Sunday, May 22nd 2005, when I realised anything is possible in football. With Celtic on 92 Points and Rangers on 90, Celtic just needed to beat Motherwell and the title would be theirs. Rangers were ready that day. To get the full butterfly effect I got on that day, have a look at the video.