While five-a-side football can be considered the most straight-forward, fun and purest version of the sport, it has not been left behind by advances in technology. Even in a simple kickabout at a Goals club, technology has already had an impact. The pitch surface has been designed and refined to offer the highest level of performance. Football boots and the footballs themselves are the result of scientific research to ensure you have the equipment to display your top skills. Then there is the performance clothing that helps you play football all through the year in different weather conditions.  

Football tech is a trending topic with apps monitoring performance and the advent of video assisted referees in professional matches in European leagues. While VAR isn't yet an option on the fives football pitch, there are other ways that technology has made an impact.

Track your performance at five-a-side

Wearable technology has become a feature of grassroots football. Vests with devices can be worn to track the distance covered during a game, how many sprints were involved in a match and how many steps were taken during your five-a-side workout. The lightweight materials mean the vest does not interfere with your football and the results can be compared with other players.

Goals 5-a-Side Football App

Football tech can make your regular five-a-side easier to organise. The Goals Football app can be downloaded for free. You can then use the smart app to find a game - whether you are setting up a one off contest or booking your regularly weekly game with friends or colleagues. 

The Find A Player function allows the captain of a team to send a notification to all those who are looking for a game. The player who is looking for a game can then accept and join their new team, meaning you don't have to worry about cancelled matches when regular players can't make it.

The Goals Football App also allows a player to view their league scores, results and fixtures all within one app, whether you are booking five, six or seven-a-side matches. There's also ways to viewing your squad, manage your team and check out team fixtures and results, all from your phone at the touch of a button.

Watch and Share Your Best 5-a-Side Goals

So, you've just scored a fantastic match winning goal. What about watching back the moment your silky skills got the better of the keeper? A new, innovative piece of Goals football technology is the action replay video system. The fun feature can be found at five of our clubs around the UK - Doncaster, Bristol South, Bristol North, Manchester and Ruislip.

When there is a moment you want to capture and watch back, you press a button which then records and stores the last 15 seconds of gameplay. When you then visit http://portal.myactionreplay.com/#!/ and select your club, you can watch the video of your triumph and share that on your social media profiles.

Technology helps you monitor and improve your five-a-side performance, book a game with ease and then share your football skills with your friends.