5-a-side Tips

Read our 5 tips that will help your side win the beautiful game

What’s great about 5-a-side is that it’s probably the purest form of football. It’s quick, involves a lot of movement and requires precision passing. With the game being so small, everyone is close to the action and each player needs to be involved. In fact, 5-a-side is now so popular that we have established dedicated 5-a-side leagues with genuine prizes to be won.

Even if you are not part of a league, 5-a-side remains an extremely competitive game among friends, with everyone wanting to leave with bragging rights. And let’s not get started on the keeper you have been given who just shouts like a foghorn every second; your team need to keep them happy. Below we have designated some tips to the game that you can take to the pitch, and might just give you that edge over the competition (mates or not, they are still competition).

Below is a list of 5 tips that will help your side win the beautiful game;

Time wasting

We can all agree that time wasting is annoying, but 5-a-side is all about possession. Keep a hold of the ball in your half, make your attacks quick then pass it back to defence if there is no movement. It’s all about pulling the players away from the goal.


No, we don’t mean getting into a scrap with the nearest player. Fight with integrity that you are going to win. You’ve seen it before; As soon as one player's head goes down, your team are playing with 4. So keep going no matter what, the game has always been quick and every player counts.

Send The Goalie Forward

You would be surprised by how many times we have seen this work. And no, we don’t mean leaving the goal empty and playing 5 outfield (that is not allowed), but swap your keeper frequently. Even if you have a designated keeper who stays in goal most of the game, they'll most likely have the most energy towards the end so take them out, get them forward and utilise their pace.


If you’re just playing a casual game, take your keeper as the substitute. Similar to the above tip, anyone that is not playing at the time will be fitter than most. Use your subs wisely and get them in the attack for a quick 1-2 goal!

Use Formations

You might be surprised to know that there are actually formations available to 5-a-side teams;

  • The diamond (1-2-1)
  • The square (2-2)
  • The Triangle (2-1-1)

If you can, take a look at these online as they vary for both attack and defence but each have their own pros and cons. Talk to your team, get in the huddle, get the gaffer in the changing rooms whatever you feel necessary, and involve the team.

So, there you have it. Good luck using these tips in your next game.

Have you had success with any of these tips? Perhaps you have a few ideas of your own? Tweet your tips to @Goals_Soccer and let us know.


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