Goals Pro

The Tommy Tankers

5-a-side Legend

Age: 16-22

Position: Football Content Creator

Team: West Ham, Tottenham, Canvey Island FC & Southend United


The Tommy Tankers were formed in May 2021, beginning their journey as a group of mates in the lowest 5-a-side league at Goals Southend, but soon started climbing the divisions after winning their first game 55-11. With three active teams (The Tommy Tankers, The Tommy Tankers Remes & The Tankers 11's), they have become a powerhouse of Goals Southend, winning their 11-a-side Summer League. The main Tommy Tankers team has played 5 seasons so far, winning the league in four of those seasons, with the most recent season seeing them finish 2nd in the most competitive league at the club. Over the years, they have had professional players, international players and semi-pros feature on their sides, whilst also setting the record (twice) for the highest attended small-sided game in Goals Southend's history. In January 2022, The Grass Roots Post magazine wrote an article on The Tommy Tankers' rise to success, with hard copies of the paper being distributed in 200+ AstroTurf venues, including every GOALS club in the UK. Following this, they partnered with sponsor RAMtalk to launch their own podcast, TANKERStalk. The Tankers gained traction in Southend for making highlights of their games on Instagram, and in May 2022 saw a huge rise in their popularity on TikTok, as they amassed 11 videos with 100K+ views, collecting 30K followers along the way. Most recently, they signed a sponsorship with upcoming brand Divided London to release a Limited Edition Tropical Kit in their 2022 Summer Drop. One day, The Tommy Tankers aspire to be as big as SE DONS, Hashtag or Rising Ballers.

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