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Football Scouts TV

5-a-side Legend

Age: 16-35

Position: Women's Football Platform

Team: Barcelona


Football Scouts TV is the number one page for universal scouting for women all over the country. They offer advice, free 121 sessions for women footballers and also help women get themselves into the media industry. Football Scouts TV is one of the most popular mixed teams in the country competing in men’s football. They have a varied style and their aim is to combat the stereotypes that they feel overshadow women’s football. Football Scouts TV originally started to create a pathway for as many women footballers as possible to move into playing professionally. However, over the years they have adapted their strategies to keep women passionate about the game with leading into professional football being a bonus. Football Scout TV’s ultimate ambition is to be one of the first semi-pro 5-aside clubs, taking the beautiful game to the next level.