Goals employed 644 team members in the UK at the time of this analysis. 44% are Females and 56% Males the majority of which work in our Clubs throughout the UK.

Relevant employees at snapshot date: 644

Gender Balance

Our report on gender pay gap follows the methodology set out by the Government and has been analysed using the chartered institute of people developments guidelines. The analysis compares the hourly rates of pay between our male and female colleagues, regardless of their roles. 

New information and guidelines on the treatment of furloughed employees have been taken in to account in this report.

There is an acknowledgement that there is a gap when measuring all employees which can be attributed to a larger proportion of male workers than female. This mirrors industry statistics with positions in a football organisation largely being more attractive to males and not as a result of unequal pay. 

The analysis below shows:

  • The mean hourly full pay gap is 13.7% in favour of males; and the median hourly full pay gap is zero.
  • The mean bonus pay gap is 45.6% in favour of males; and the median bonus pay gap is 26.6% also in favour of males.
  • 68.6% of all relevant males and 66.5% of all relevant females received a bonus payment in the 12 months preceding the snapshot date.

Pay – Hourly Rate

The difference between male and female:



Mean Median
All £8.87 £8.21
Female £8.14 £8.21
Male £9.44 £8.21
Pay Gap 13.7% 0%


Pay Quartiles

Total distribution of male and female employees by hourly pay quartile:

Lower Quatertile

Lower Middle

Upper Quartile

Upper Quartile Middle

Bonus pay difference between male and female:




Mean Bonus Median Bonus Number receiving a bonus % Bonus Distribution
Female £440.11 £180.00 189 66.5%
Male £809.59 £245.36 247.00 0.69%
Pay Gap 45.6% 26.6%    

We have published our gender pay gap statistics in line with government legislation and this is the Company’s report for the snapshot date of 5 April 2020.


Ian McDermott
Managing Director