Booking Terms and Conditions for Bar Function Room Hire

By making the booking you accept the terms and conditions as detailed below.


Goals staff are not under any obligation to accept any event type, bookings are subject to a vetting process. Bookings accepted are determined at club management's discretion. Goals reserve the right to cancel any booking at their own discretion. 

Bookings are secured upon full payment. Customers are responsible for ensuring

  • There are no disturbances or major inconvenience to staff or customers
  • There is no significant damage to property
  • No guest under 18 found to be consuming alcohol
  • There are no alcohol containers or illegal substances brought in during or found after the function
  • Any cancellations are made within 4 weeks of the event

Access to premises

If prior access to the functions suite is required for the setting up of equipment, then this may be arranged with the management team.  The function suite will be available for exclusive use from 7.30pm unless otherwise agreed in writing at the time of booking.

Licensing restrictions

Goals operates a Challenge 25 policy.  Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and may not be served at the bar.  Names of any under 18s and their parents must be provided to Goals staff at least 24 hours prior to the function.  Those not on the list will be denied access to the premises.  In some instances, Goals may be able to accommodate an 18th birthday party function however, a security charge MUST be paid to ensure qualified door staff are hired to attend the event.  Please ensure you discuss this with staff at Goals prior to confirming your booking.  Goals staff reserves the right to refuse entry or refuse to serve any persons at any time without explanation.  Goals staff will keep a log of anyone refused to be served alcohol.  Any gifts given at the function that contain alcohol should be given to the Duty Manager for safekeeping and will be returned at the end of the evening.  Any persons found to be carrying alcohol or using illegal substances will be reported to the police and the function will be immediately stopped.  Deposits will be retained for any breaking of these restrictions.  We respectfully request that guests attending your event leave the function quietly and respect neighbouring properties.

Late licences (where applicable)

In certain circumstances, Goals may be in a position to offer customers the opportunity to apply for an extension to the licensing hours.  Goals can make this application on your behalf.  A letter will be required in support of your application and there will be a non-refundable fee for making such applications.  Fees will depend on the council granting the application and can be given on request.  Extensions will only be granted for special occasions and Goals cannot guarantee that your application will be granted.  Applications for Late Licences must be returned at least 6 weeks prior to the date of the function.  Goals will inform you as soon as a decision has been received.

Entertainment and catering

Where customers supply their own entertainment, the DJ should arrange to have his equipment removed no later than 15 minutes after closing.

Customers using their own catering or that of a 3rd party must bring the food ready prepared, there are no heating or chilled food storage facilities at Goals and customers providing their own catering are responsible for the quality of the food including all hygiene issues. 

Deposit Refund After Event

Where you have spent over X amount on the bar, some of our club management offer a refund of your deposit otherwise known as "Free Hall Hire". 

Please speak with your club management team about the specific amount you must spend to receive the refund. Most clubs offer a minimum spend of £1,000 to be eligible. 

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