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Latest News!

A massive congratulations to Team DI from the Junior Nandos league who have won been crowned champions!  Not only did they win every game but one, Finlay Clark managed to claim the Golden boot!  They're campaign to defend the title has started the right way with 2 wins in 2 games - Can anyone out there stop them?


Finlay Clark - Nandos Junior League Top Goals ScorerTeam DI - Nandos Junior League Champions

In other news FC Poor Toe have claimed the Over 30's title, winning the title by the skin of their nose!  League top Goals Scorer Colin Munro sadly couldn't score his team (Porty Pops) into poll position - but there's always next season!


FC Poor Toe - Thursday Over 30's Champions

Singers 5 Dwarfs (formerly known as AKER) have hit a hatrick - winning 3 titles in 3 seasons in the Thursday Premiership.  Undisputed best team on a Thursday night, but would they be able to cope with the Organisation of a TAQA team or the brute force when attacking of Credibility Street?  Unsurprisingly Singers 5 Dwarfs player, Ryan Causby, got the golden boot for Thursdays Men's Premiership.

A special mention for new team Finn Pointon (Team name to be confirmed) who have finished their Trial game this week for the Wednesday league!  We'll keep you up to date with how the guys get on in their First ever league fixture next week!

Think you have what it takes to go down in Goals History?  Book your trial game with the following link https://www.goalsfootball.co.uk/leagues/about/  or call us on 01224 894893.  Goals, its the way 5-a-side should be!