Congratulations to Netherley FC who have bagged themselves another title after winning the Wednesday league which is now been added to their long list of titles here at Goals Speke.

Netherley FC was formed back in 2014 and since then they have improved year after year making critical signings to edge them closer to glory. After winning the Wednesday league this earned them their 20th title and their place within the Goals Speke hall of fame and will now become a Goals legend team, where their victories will be talked about for years to come and people will challenge them to beat their record (which I’m sure hasn’t finished yet)

Lets meet the team:


GK – Michael  – Mick has earned his nickname as the CAT within Goals because not much gets past his cat like reflexes which are unbeatable for his age haha. He is a high valued player throughout the club and is wanted by every team because of these skills as well as the high level of sportsmanship he shows on the pitch. This type of mentality and temperament is really what drives the team to victory as he guides the team from the back.  In his spare time Mick plays 11-a-side for Cheshire lines as their goal keeper but his main focus and priority is playing at Goals lol.


Josh – Is one of their strikers and coming from an 11-a-side background has given him the pace, power and vision to get in all the right places to get the goals and does he get the goals! Josh in recent games has contributed to Netherley goal scoring record of 218 goals for the season. Josh is a key player in their team and has had loads of success with the club.


Percy – Also from an 11-a-side background is an all-round player who has played for numerous teams within Goals but has had the most success under Netherley. Percy is a versatile player who is up and down the field wherever he is needed and with his power, strength and finesse he has scored some unbelievable goals in his time. Again, he has been very much an instrumental part of their team and for them winning titles.


Les and Tom – These two where the founders of the team and over the year have played for numerous teams within Goals. Original 5-a-side players who have an abundance of knowledge for the small sided game has made them also instrumental to the team and them winning titles.  Never underestimate these two.


Finally we have cookie – Another 5-a-side original player coming from a fitness background, who has added to this team of legends and earns his place amongst them. Cookie has become an all-round player who is constantly up and down the field and is arguably their most underestimate player within the team. And boy do the opposition get it wrong……… cookie provides stability in the team as well as packing a punch of shot scoring a fair few amazing goals this season.  


 Congratulations lads, well done on winning your 20th title, what an achievement!.