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Enhanced Safety Measures

We want to be sure that you are able to return in the safest possible way and so we’ve invested significantly to enhance the safety features at our clubs.

Additional provisions include:

  • PPE available for staff and players including face masks and gloves
  • Hand sanitizer units installed on all pitches and throughout each club
  • Perspex screens at all point of sale locations
  • At least 1 metre+ social distancing grids on pitch walkways and through reception areas
  • Bar / lounge and changing room areas will be kept closed until such time that guidance allows

You can help us

We also need your help to make things as safe as possible for you and others. Here’s what you can do:

  • If you’re sick, or showing symptoms of Covid-19, don’t go. Don’t infect others. Don’t risk your mates
  • When you pay and as often as you can please aim to book and pay online, pay via our app (players can pay their share) or using contactless payment if paying at the club
  • Wash /sanitize your hands before you play. Use our hand washing / sanitizing facilities in the club house or our pitch side sanitizing units
  • Wash /sanitize your hands after your game – wash your hands when you come off the pitch
  • Observe the Government recommended social distancing when on the pitch or walkways or in the club house
  • Aim for the elbow. If you’re going to cough or sneeze, do it into your elbow. That is the safest way of doing it when you are actually playing. Don’t do it in your mate’s face
  • No spitting. This is a clear and obvious way in which the infection is spread
  • Do not share water / drinks bottles, only use your own bottle that you’ve brought or if you’ve bought one from the vending machines or bar
  • Face coverings – if you are using a disposable face covering please do not discard this on the pitch – make sure you place this safely in the bin after use
  • Remove your own litter from the pitch - then others do not need to handle it
  • Leave your valuables at home as our locker room facilities will be unavailable until such time that guidance allows

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