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Forget about training by yourself or going out for a run, 5-a-side is a great fun way to get fit with your mates;
•Burn an average of 747 calories an hour.
•The stop start nature of 5-a-side helps build long term fitness & burn fat.
•5-a-side has more health benefits than 11-a-side due to the intensity of the sport.
•Builds your stamina, endurance, reduces blood pressure and cuts cholesterol.
•Enjoy the banter with your mates post match about who scored the best goal.

Professor Peter Kustrup of Copenhagen University took 47 male test subjects with high blood pressure and asked them to play football or run for an hour twice a week for three months. The subjects who had played football saw their blood pressure fall by twice as much as those who ran and they also saw their cholesterol levels falls which is something the runners didn’t experience. This is further evidence that playing football is one of the ultimate ways of keeping fit and other research suggests playing football can increase bone density twice as much as running.
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