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Neymar Jr's Five

Goals has teamed up with Red Bull for the second year of the Neymar 5s.

This year the tournament is even bigger and better. More than 50 countries, spread over 6 continents and we will be hosting tournament qualifiers in a bid to National Finalists take home the trophy!

In a contest this competitive, do you and your team have what it takes to outplay them all? Click here to enter

Birmingham-Star City, Wednesday Mar 15 at 6pm. Bristol South, Tuesday Mar 14 at 6pm. Glasgow South, Wednesday Apr 12 at 6pm. Leeds, Wednesday Mar 22 at 6pm. Leicester, Wednesday Apr 15 at 6pm. Liverpool South, Tuesday Mar 28 at 6pm. Manchester, Wednesday Mar 29 at 6pm.  Northampton, Monday Apr 3 at 6pm. Norwich, Tuesday Apr 4 at 6pm. Sheffield, Tuesday Mar 21 at 6pm. Southampton, Tuesday March 7 at 6pm. Sunderland, Tuesday Apr 11 at 6pm. Wimbledon, Sunday Mar 5 at 1pm.