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Do you want to become an England legend in a World Championship?

Enter the F5WC, the world's largest small-sided football tournament, and you could have the chance to compete for glory.

The winners will receive an all expenses paid trip to Shanghai, China, complete with hotel accommodation, transportation between the airports, hotel and finals, home & away national kits, welcome packs and all meals provided for!

The entry fee is £40 per team. Check the list below to find out when the qualifiers kick off in your area.



Club Kick off Call for more info
Beckenham 20/05/18 2pm
Beckenham North 17/05/18 7pm
Bexleyheath 20/05/18 1pm
Birmingham - Perry Barr 14/05/18 7pm
Birmingham - Star City 16/05/18 7pm
Black Country 20/05/18 6pm
Bradford 15/05/18 6:30pm
Bristol North 20/05/18 6pm
Bristol South 20/05/18 2pm
Chester 13/05/18 6pm
Chingford 15/05/18 7pm
Coventry 20/05/18 5:30pm
Dagenham 20/05/18 6pm
Dartford 21/05/18 7pm
Doncaster 13/05/18 5pm
Dudley 20/05/18 6pm
Eltham 22/05/18 7pm
Gillette Corner 22/05/18 7pm
Hayes 20/05/18 7pm
Heathrow 23/05/18 7pm
Hull 11/05/18 6pm
Ipswich 20/05/18 3pm
Leeds 23/05/18 6:45pm
Leicester 20/05/18 2pm
Liverpool North 20/05/18 6pm
Liverpool South 20/05/18 6pm
Manchester 13/05/18 6pm
Newcastle 19/05/18 1pm
Northampton 13/05/18 2pm
Norwich 20/05/18 5:30pm
Plymouth 25/05/18 6:30pm
Portsmouth 20/05/18 2pm
Reading 20/05/18 11:30am
Ruislip 13/05/18 5pm
Sheffield 22/05/18 7pm
Southampton 20/05/18 11:30am
Stoke 20/05/18 3pm
Sunderland 16/05/18 6:30pm
Sutton 20/05/18 2pm
Teesside 20/05/18 6pm
Tolworth 13/05/18 3pm
Wembley 20/05/18 1pm
Wimbledon 12/05/18 12pm


The tournament is for amateur players 16 and over.

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