We have loads of new seasons starting soon here at Goals Southampton. Firstly, we have a new Sunday league starting this week which now has 2 leagues of 8 teams. We also have a new 5 a side league starting Monday in 3 weeks time which currently has 3 leagues of 8 teams. Tuesday 5 a side league are calling out for new teams. This one starts in 3 weeks as well and has 5 leagues of 6 teams. This League will be looking to increase to 6 leagues come the new season. Thursday 5 a side league has a new season starting this week and has 4 leagues of 8 teams. Finally, if your looking for a different game to the usual 5 a side football, we have a new 7 a side league starting on a Tuesday which starts in 2 weeks time. With a variety of nights and standards available, get you and your team booked in for a trial game today and get your 5 a side league season started.