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Elly Langmuir

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    Wed 27th September 2023 @ 04:00 PM

    From School Football Team to, Self-proclaimed ‘Professional 5-a-side Club’

    We asked Club de Fútbol XGS, “What’s your football?”. The club spokesperson, Flavio said,

    “We’re all working the 9-5, to 5-a-side, and in 5 years' time you can expect to see us playing in the 5-a-side Champions League, and getting international call-ups.”

    CF XGS started their 5-a-side League career at Goals Gillette Corner 10 years ago after they graduated from secondary school. It was then the young, ambitious ballers declared themselves as, Club de Fútbol XGS, last part meaning, ex-Gunnersbury Students. Although, they say the ‘XGS’ in their name is often mistaken as standing for, ‘Extremely Gorgeous Squad’ instead...

    Thee 'extremely gorgeous squad' in question

    CF XGS first started out only to continue with weekly football, followed up with a few post-match pints. But, as time passed their dedication to the team grew stronger and they began consistently updating their club’s very own social media channels. The club began growing a fanbase and naturally went on to adopt their secondary school’s motto, ‘Ad Altiora’, meaning, ‘higher things’. And, higher things they achieved with 3 successful kit launches, League Cup Championships, League titles, plus domestic and international tours.

    Let’s meet the team:

    • Club Captain, AJ keeps them motivated each week (mainly by asking who's having a pint afterward).
    • David, a legendary goalkeeper. He has the most impressive CV out of the entire team, having been at Brentford, Tottenham and Crystal Palace. Recent injuries have seen him take on the Club Manager role, only playing in defense, if needed.
    • Steven, his 50km cycle to and from the game demonstrates immense dedication. He is known as the team's genuine all-rounder who always provides nothing but good vibes.
    • Flavio, a massive asset to the team. He keeps their social media accounts relevant and entertaining (if he trained as much as he creates social content, he could win a Ballon d’Or).
    • Stefan, known as, ‘the beast from the east’. He has a left foot like Erling Haaland!
    • Seb provides that South American flair although he once got nutmegged by the wall, and the team haven't forgotten...
    • Felix, who they sent on loan to a club in Belgium, he was a lethal finisher.
    • New recruits, Joe and Che have added both quality and prestige to the team.
    • Ciaran, the one who scored Goal of the Season once, but, now he prefers swimming more than playing football.
    • The Marquez brothers who graduated from the club's youth academy. They are described by the club as, “different gravy”.
    • Enrico, their Italian winger who doesn't track back.
    • Aaron, who rivals David. But, they both play a solid part in keeping the team sheets, mostly clean. 

    CF XGS recently welcomed new players, joining them for Thursday’s pre-season training. But, will they be ready for the new League starting in just 2 weeks’ time? The club also thanked Dylan, Sonni, Luke, Tunde, and Ollie who all helped make the club what it is today, but sadly no longer play.

    Keep up with Goals Gillette Corner’s Pro 5’s team’s goals, nutmegs, and crunching tackles by following their Instagram and subscribing to their YouTube.

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