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This year we are already seeing kids of all ages developing their skills and becoming better at the beautiful game. We've been delighted to watch, and be a part of, the development of walking football, junior leagues and blind football in recent years. However, the Frame Football Association felt that there was an opportunity for those footballing hopefuls who require the use of a frame in their day-to-day lives.

To that end, we have recently partnered with Ruislip Frame Football, who play at our Goals Ruislip club, and each day we are seeing young boys and girls enhance their skillset. So, what is the Frame Football Association (FFA) and how did it start?

We've abandoned our frame and channelling our inner @markjscott19

— Graham Kaye-Taylor (@bigfatrebel) 11 November 2017

Richard Seedhouse, a football fan just like you and me, had been watching a sport that he felt did not cater for those with a disability such as Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Bifida or other disabilities that meant that young people had to use a frame for mobility. Richard noticed that these kids just loved the game as much as any young fan but without the necessary coaching available, they couldn’t play in the same tournaments or enjoy regular games. After speaking with local communities, friends & family, Richard founded the FFA.

With Frame Football now being played all around the UK, we spoke with Caoimhe Patterson, one of the coaches of FFA in Ruislip who play regularly at Goals Ruislip. Each day we see videos and photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of these kids really pushing the boundaries, not letting the frame stop them from playing the sport they enjoy so much.

“This is only the beginning”, Caoimhe enthusiastically advises me. One young player tells us, “Football changed me as a person. With football, and frame football, I have developed as an individual.” This is just one testament to Richard’s work and the teams at each of the clubs where Frame Football is now a regular feature.

In addition to organising games, FFA also run a fundraising group which raises money for A Smile For A Child:

Do you know a young footy prospect who uses a frame for mobility? Professional teams are getting involved, and now is the chance for your child to really experience the game as it was meant to be played. FFA also run national tournaments every 3 months, with a competitive match every 2 weeks and all for a respectable price. Contact the FFA today to find out how your child can get involved;

Check out the FFA on Twitter:

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