Mon 19th February 2024 @ 10:30 AM

GOALS and Nujum Sports

GOALS is pleased to announce a new partnership with Nujum Sports who are leaders in fostering an inclusive and uplifting environment for people of the Islamic faith. Their core values are the guiding principles that shape everything they do, from programmes and initiatives through to their interactions with the community.

This partnership will be launched at GOALS Wembley on March 1st 2024 which will see our first Multi-Faith Prayer Room (MFPR) opened. We will quickly open more MFPR in Hayes, Leicester, Bradford and at all viable GOALS venues in England and Scotland.

Adam Butterworth, Operations Director for GOALS stated “It was very clear from the first communications with Ebs that Nujum Sports are committed to promoting equality and inclusion by building a strong community that encourages people to feel welcomed and fully accepted when participating in sport.

Their goals align with our vision to make all of our venues more inclusive, welcoming, accessible and more engaging with the communities who surround and use our venues. This is the beginning of a national strategy that evidences our desire and determination to deliver experiences at our venues that reflect and complement our users and our communities."

Mission Statement (

Nujum Sports and Goals Football Announce Partnership to Foster Inclusivity with Multi-Faith Rooms

Nujum Sports and Goals Football proudly announce a collaboration to introduce multi-faith rooms across all Goal Football sites in England and Scotland. This joint effort highlights their dedication to establishing inclusive environments where individuals from various backgrounds can gather and practice their faith comfortably.

These multi-faith rooms offer a dedicated space for individuals of different religious beliefs to engage in prayer, meditation, or spiritual activities without experiencing marginalisation or exclusion. Through the introduction of these facilities, Nujum Sports and Goals Football aim to foster unity, respect, and understanding among their staff, players, and visitors.

Ebadur Rahman, Founder and CEO of Nujum Sports, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating,

"At Nujum Sports, we believe in the power of sports to bring people together, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs. By collaborating with Goals Football to introduce multi-faith rooms, we are taking a significant step towards fostering inclusivity and creating welcoming spaces for everyone."

This collaboration between Nujum Sports and Goals Football signifies a proactive endeavour to address the diverse needs of communities and promote a culture of acceptance and tolerance.

Mental Health Support | Nujum Sports

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For partnership opportunities and media enquiries, please contact:

Corrie Kane-Thom
National Marketing Manager
Tel: 01355 340 260

Martin Cassidy
National Football Development Officer
Tel: 07842443836

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