Thu 30th November 2023 @ 04:39 PM

5-a-side is a funny old game when it comes to naming your team. Although the small-sided game is now bigger than ever, team names are getting better and more creative with every new team that signs up. It’s as if small-sided football has an unwritten rule that in order to join, you must have completed the initiation of creating the finest team name. As funny as it may be to see, teams certainly wear their team-name with pride and joy, like a badge of honour to say to their mates “Hey, I created that.”

What about you? Have you ever thought about joining a league but unsure what your team name should be? Maybe you have a great name but you don’t know if it is something original? Goals have compiled some of the best team names from our clubs around the country.

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Fives Funnies
Egg Fried Reus
Netsix & Chill
Murder On Zidane’s Floor
Reus Krispies
Kindergarten Klopp
Queens Park Strangers
Try Not Toulousse
Out On Bale
Ready Brexit FC
Flary Liquid
Bayern Bru
Wnyama’s In Pyjamas
Arsene Vengaboys
Real SoSo Bad
Class On Grass
Park The Busalona
Boom Xhakalaka
Making Emile Of It
Real Ale Madrid
Boca Seniors
Hakuna Juan Mata
Sons Of Pitches
Chicken Tikka Takka
Lallanas In Pyjamas
It’s All Gone Shane Long
Footy McFootface FC
Pique Blinders
Inglorious Grasstards
Sporting A Beergut
Hardly Athletic
Haven’t Got A Kalou
Deportivo Lachofruninng
Benteke Fried Chicken
Topman Hotspur
Borrussia Teeth
Giroud Let The Dogs Out
We Don’t Give A Fuchs
Top Of The Klopps
3 Pints For The Win
Deeney In A Bottle
Kiss My Pass
Dyslexia Untied
Show Me Da Mane
Klopp Can Karius
Game Of Throw-Ins
Taking The Mkhi

What’s your favourite? Let us know.

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