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Planning your child’s party can be challenging enough, and that’s before the party has even started! With so many decisions to make, it can feel like the pressure is on; worrying about the venue to the cake, sometimes all that's needed is a helping hand. Allow us to help with our top 5 tips when planning the perfect kids party.

1) Invites

When do you send them? What happens if I don’t get a response? Did I purchase enough? What design should I chose? These are all questions you will most likely ask yourself at some point and these are totally reasonable thoughts. We all have that fear that our child will be the only attendee of their party.

At the start of the school year, get a hold of as many numbers as you can. Or ask the school rep if they can compile a list for some of the parents to ease the stress. What's more, don’t worry about when you need to send them, we find that 10 days to a week is more than enough time. Booking a party for 10 kids? Then invite 20. That way you will always ensure enough children arrive on the day or respond within a suitable time.

Don’t worry about sending out invites through the post. Did you know that we actually provide digital invites at no additional cost? Saves you all the time in the world.

2) When To Book

This is a tricky one as you’ll know that children have a tenancy to change their mind every 2 seconds, but it’s always best to book in advance. Why? Well, first of all it saves time. Get it booked so you don’t have to keep thinking about the best venue. By booking early you can ensure you get all the little details right, which will allow you to focus on other aspects. Booking is a start.

3) How To Book

Let’s be honest, when do we ever find time to ourselves, let alone trying to find the time to organise a party? You have to wait until the kids are asleep before you get the chance to have a look, and by that time most of your favourite venues are closed and once again there is another day with no time to spare.

Try finding a venue that will allow you to book online. We are seeing more and more children’s party venues opting to allow parents and guardians to book online so utilise this’s free to use and takes no time at all.

4) What To Eat

Everyone loves food. Food can make or break a party so the best advice is to keep it simple. Children are fussy eaters as it is, let alone 15 different children with their own unique tastes and fancies. It’s a question we get asked a lot: What is on the menu?

Rather than trying to take down each child’s individual dish of the day, go for the family favourites such as pizza, chips, burgers and our personal favourite, chicken dippers. That’s why we decided our menu was going to be focused on a buffet; to ensure each child can eat as much as they like and everyone has a lovely choice to choose from.

5)  What if the Party Becomes Too Busy

Kids are wonderful little human beings, each with their own character and funny personality traits that make them special. Putting everyone into the same boat per say will of course lead to some conflict one way or another. Whether that be someone who isn’t having fun or another becoming too loud for the group, it’s always best to have a role model become responsible for the children.

We've hosted many parties, with lots of children, so if there is anything you can take away from this blog today it is that children need some supervision at all times. It could be an older sibling, a good friend or a coach who specialises in football parties (just saying).

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